My goal in teaching is to promote positive change in student learning and career development. My teaching experiences include different levels of (quantitative) research methods courses as an instructor, guest lecturer, and teaching assistant.

Teaching Experience


Guest Lecturer

Teaching Assistant

Teaching Statement

Passionate interest in teaching and sharing enthusiasm toward student learning are the common characteristics of excellent teaching[1]. Quantitative methods are exciting areas transforming education and psychology. In my teaching and mentoring, I strive to convey my passion for inspiring others and encouraging and supporting those around me to pursue their professional lives.

​As a Chinese scholar, I am sensitive to diversity issues in the classroom. I strive to create an engaging and inclusive learning environment by facilitating discussions, motivating students, building positive relationships with students, and promoting group-based learning[2]. Because of my background, I am familiar with the challenges faced by students of color and am committed to mentoring them for successful college life. My courses usually include lectures, quizzes, group discussions, in-class small projects, software implementation, homework assignments, and term projects. Through diverse activities and the encouragement I frequently offer, each student could interact with software programs, peers, and a broad array of (both applied and methodological) literature.

[1] Lang, J. M. (2016). Small teaching: Everyday lessons from the science of learning. John Wiley & Sons.

[2] Svinicki, M. D., & McKeachie, W. (2014). McKeachie’s Teaching Tips: Strategies, Research, and Theory for College and University Teachers (14th Ed.). Cengage Learning.